Welcome to the Land of Arda!

Where everything is green and quiet, where the ground is covered in morning dew and sunlight, where the people are always smiling and friendly, there is the Land of Arda…

The Arda village is situated 30 km south from Smolyan, next to the Arda River and its beautiful valleys, still carrying sounds and stories from forgotten times.


Hotel “Customs and cooperative” Biliantsi ™

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The Customs in Arda village is founded after the Balkan wars, in the autumn of 1914. Exists until 1941 whereafter it’s moved to Kavalla. It’s restored again in autumn of 1944, but three years later is officially closed. Today, on the same place, you can see the hotel’s restaurant (part of Cutoms wing) and the rock from the original building was used as foundation for the “Customs and cooperative” hotel, which still keeps the spirit and the traditions of Rhodope region. The other wing was erected during the Communism as administrative building for the Cooperative. Nowadays it’s fully equipped to welcome many guests in cozy and homely atmosphere.

Visit the family hotel “Customs and cooperative”! Put yourselves under the spell of the beautiful Bulgarian nature, experience the rich traditions and history and have truly unforgettable a time in the Land of Arda!


WELCOME in a hotel “Customs and cooperative” in the country of ARDA!

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